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“As an investor who has studied hundreds of companies over my career, I’m a strong believer that culture is the key ingredient in driving success over the long term“ — Jean Hynes, CFA, Chief Executive Officer

The Future Of Wellington’s Workplace Looks Different

We are transitioning to a hybrid work environment where both remote work and the office play a critical role. Our vision is a future where all employees are empowered to work flexibly to drive the best outcomes for our clients. Flexible work is a mindset and a core value. Our employees are encouraged to work remotely two days a week as a standard practice and will have flexibility in terms of working hours.

The future of Wellington’s workplace will be designed to ensure that we continue to meet our clients’ investment and service expectations, attract a diverse pool of talent, focus on employee well-being and engagement, and preserve and enhance our client-first, collaborative culture.

Our Business Networks

Our business networks and diversity working groups bring together people with different backgrounds and shared interests to collaborate on initiatives related to talent engagement, recruitment, development/education, and community outreach. They support diversity and inclusion, and offer a global, cross-functional perspective that we believe enables us to deliver our very best to our clients.

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