Fulfilling Lives, Every Day.

About Wawa

Since we first started, Wawa has always been a place to go for more than just food, coffee and fuel. We believe we play a larger role in the lives of those we serve that transcends our commitment to convenience and satisfaction. Our core purpose is to go beyond filling customer orders to Fulfilling Lives, Every Day. It’s what drives us. It’s what shapes our decisions, our goals and our people. Click here to learn more.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

In our DE&I journey, Wawa is working to achieve two primary goals: (both of the bullet points/numbers/sentences) should be in bold)

  1. Ensuring every individual has a sense of belonging and experiences the great Wawa culture equally. 
  2. Ensuring diversity exists in all levels of our business to make us more successful in the future. 

Our WINs (Wawa Innovation Networks) play a key role in giving every associate a way to make a positive impact. WINs are voluntary, associate-led groups that help to foster a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace aligned with Wawa’s mission, values, goals, and business objectives. Wawa’s 5 WINs include: Rainbow Alliance, Unity Alliance, Veterans Alliance, Women’s Alliance, and Young Professionals. To date, we have roughly 9,000 associates across Wawa who currently participate. WINs focus on the development of future leaders, increased associate engagement, and help to expand Wawa’s marketplace reach.

Achieving Boundless Convenience

At Wawa, we’re constantly evolving and searching for new ways to bring convenience to our customers. Our digital transformation teams utilize advanced technologies with our mobile app, ordering platform, online presence and digital offerings. Located in Media, PA is our Innovation Center, where our teams experiment and cross-collaborate on initiatives like food development, operational efficiency, people processes and software development.

Opportunities at Wawa

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