ViaPath Technologies

Our focus is moving forward – with communication and management technologies that connect people with the support and resources needed to improve the here and now, and realize the potential of tomorrow.


We are a company committed to breaking the cycle of incarceration and forging a path to better opportunities for individuals, families, and underserved communities.

Our solutions improve the here and now and empower people to realize the potential of tomorrow. We are the technology leader that is helping people connect with purpose.

The ViaPath team is comprised of Engineers, Developers, Sales Leaders, Education Specialists, Product Managers, Intelligence Analysts, Project Managers, Technicians, Customer Specialists, and Communication Leaders. Explore our opportunities and join ViaPath Technologies.

Focused on Moving Forward

ViaPath Technologies has a straight forward mission – to help break the cycle of incarceration through transformative technology and services for incarcerated individuals, their support network, correctional agencies, and returning citizens.

The path we’ve taken

Our company began in the late 1980s with a goal to help correctional agencies be more efficient and effective. Our services and technology have evolved to provide valuable insight into virtually every facet of their incarcerated populations and facilities, drive higher levels of control and safety and enable them to meet ever-shifting operational challenges with confidence..

Opportunities at ViaPath Technologies

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