The College of New Jersey

The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) is a highly selective institution that is consistently recognized as one of the top comprehensive colleges in the nation


The College of New Jersey, a nationally recognized public institution founded in 1855 as the New Jersey State Normal School, is a primarily undergraduate and residential college, with targeted graduate programs. Grounded in the liberal arts, TCNJ’s personalized, collaborative, and rigorous education engages students at the highest level within and beyond the classroom. TCNJ believes in the transformative power of education to develop critical thinkers, responsible citizens, and lifelong learners and leaders. The College empowers its diverse students, staff, and faculty to sustain and enhance their communities both locally and globally.


TCNJ will offer an unparalleled education in a vibrant, collaborative, and inclusive community of learners who will make a distinct mark on the world. By following our values, we will serve as a national exemplar of public higher education, and we will do this while being committed to accessibility and affordability.



  • We admit highly talented students, whom we challenge to discover and realize their potential.
  • We recruit the highest quality faculty, staff and administrators who have the expertise and experience to mentor and challenge our students.
  • We support innovation and experimentation and continue to build on our accomplishments. We hold the highest expectations for ourselves and support each other in achieving them.



  • We encourage students, faculty, and staff to pursue their curiosities and passions inside and outside the classroom.
  • We collaborate across disciplinary and operational boundaries to draw on all our strengths.
  • We work together to enrich our local, national, and global communities.


  • We treat each other with civility and respect.
  • We act ethically and take responsibility for our choices.
  • We work together in a spirit of fairness, cooperation, and transparency.


  • We recognize the unique worth of each member of our community.
  • We believe that a community composed of people with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and abilities promotes learning and engagement.
  • We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive community.


  • We assess our practices in the classroom, on campus, and in the community.
  • We nurture ongoing campus dialogue to ensure that we adhere to our mission, vision, and values.
  • We routinely monitor the allocation and expenditure of our resources in order to assure that we are supporting priorities and that we are fiscally responsible.

Division of Equity and Inclusion

Under the auspices of the President, the Division of Equity and Inclusion (DEI) provides institutional leadership in enhancing respectful, diverse and inclusive work and learning environments at The College of New Jersey Community. DEI serves as a partner with all campus offices as each area makes its unique contribution to the overall inclusivity of the campus community.

Core Beliefs

The College of New Jersey affirms the following Core Beliefs as

fundamental to its Mission:

  1. The College comprises a caring, friendly, and respectful community where the contributions of students, faculty, staff and alumni are valued and recognized.
  2. The College provides a seamless, engaging educational environment characterized by academic freedom, creative expressions, critical thinking, intellectual inquiry, and service learning.
  3. The College’s faculty and staff take pride in offering a personal educational experience to every undergraduate and graduate student.
  4. The College’s cultural, social, and intellectual life are enriched and
    enlivened by diversity.
  5. The College provides facilities, programs, services, and amenities that enhance opportunities for formal and informal interaction in a living-learning environment.
  6. The College promotes wellness and fosters the development of the whole person.
  7. The College embraces its heritage and is committed to reevaluating its mission in response to the changing needs of society.
  8. The College prepares its students to be successful, ethical, and visionary leaders in a multicultural, highly technological, and increasingly global world.
  9. The College believes that an educated individual possesses an understanding of his or her own culture, an appreciation of other cultures, and the capacity to facilitate genuine cross-cultural interaction.
  10. The College regards education in the service of human welfare as its
    chief end.

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