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SotwareONE Core Values

Find Your Work – Life Harmony at SoftwareONE

At SoftwareONE, we have long said our people are our greatest asset: that’s why we support and care for our colleagues as well as invest in our people and their professional development. We also advocate for work – life harmony at SoftwareONE rather than work – life balance. Rather than pitting one against the other – we strive for a blending of the two.

Our people need to be curious, ready to go above and beyond, driven and innovative, because we never stand still when searching for the best solutions and shaping the future for our customers.

Equity and Inclusion

We are ONE team formed by unique and rich backgrounds. Our people are what makes the SoftwareONE culture so unique. We strive to foster an equal and inclusive culture and workplace that allows for individuals to be the best versions of themselves, learn from their peers and leaders and grow in their careers. We strive to provide a culture which is inclusive and supportive to everyone, a place where every person regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexuality, disability and religion, has a place and have equal opportunities.

We strongly believe that embracing our differences is a key driver of employee satisfaction and aids in our mission for all SWOmies to have the best career experience in their life at SoftwareONE. Varied backgrounds and perspectives empower more creative, innovative, and deeper insights, leading to the best customer focus and experience possible.

Integrity being one of SoftwareONE’s core values, for us, focusing on inclusion and equity is simply the right thing to do.

We have partnered with Microsoft to create the ONEforALL initiative to ensure all SoftwareONE employees and customers are aware and able to utilise the leading-edge features on the 0365 platform and beyond to drive digital inclusion strategies. To learn more visit here to see how we make sure our solutions are a viable option for all.

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