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We have the opportunity to improve the lives of people suffering from severe COPD/Emphysema all around the world. Our team understands this sense of responsibility and feels passionate about helping these patients breathe easier. This video highlights our mission and values as a company and the impact of our technology has on patients with severe lung disease.

Pulmonx Gives Diverse Students Opportunity to Explore Pathways in Health Technology

Pulmonx is mentoring a diverse cohort of students selected from 10 Bay Area community colleges to help prepare them for future careers in the medical technology industry. It is the first-ever Pathways in Health Technology Program, created by the nonprofit Diversity by Doing (DxD) HealthTech.

“As someone who started as an international student in the US, I am indebted to the mentors I have met over the years, who have helped shape the course of my medical device career. The DxD program is a remarkable effort in outreach and education, and it has been a rewarding experience in sharing our collective knowledge with an incredibly talented group of students. We hope that this program will inspire one or all of them to a career in helping patients in need,” says Sri Radhakrishnan, Chief Technology Officer, Pulmonx.

Of the 27 students in the inaugural cohort 81% are women and 41% are from groups that have been historically underrepresented in science and technology. The program meets eight times between January 20 and April 15, with the final session including student presentations and a certificate ceremony.

We hope that these students can be the future of health technology innovation, bringing more diverse perspectives that make medtech more equitable, accessible, and trusted.

Life at Pulmonx

COPD is the 4th leading cause of death globally.  The Pulmonx team is passionate about raising awareness around COPD, supporting our patient community,  and delivering treatment options that can help COPD/emphysema patients breathe better. #COPDAwarenessMonth


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