NYC Department of Investigation

Is one of the oldest law enforcement agencies in the country with a mission of combating municipal corruption.

What We Do


We serve the People of New York City by acting as an independent and nonpartisan watchdog for New York City government, City agencies, and City employees, vendors with City contracts, individuals and entities that receive City funds.

Our Mission

As a law enforcement agency, DOI arrests individuals who corrupt the process and issues reports on systemic government failure.

We have a unique ability to carry out these functions based upon our complete access to all government documents, workers and information, our ability, as part of the government, to insist upon systemic changes to the governing process, and our ability to see across all government agencies.

Message from the Commissioner


DOI’s work cannot fully succeed without public support and action.  You are often our most valuable source of information – our eyes and ears throughout the City.

Mark G. Peters – DOI Commissioner 

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