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We’re a big company. But we believe, above all, in one thing – something that’s unique to us – and that’s the power of big and small.

Why Work For Us?

Celebrating Women At Mondelez

As a global snacking powerhouse present in approximately 160 countries around the world, we’re committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone can grow and be at their best. That’s why being “open and inclusive” is one of our core values.

Diverse thinking enables us to create and build strong, relevant brands; tap multiple perspectives in search of good ideas; and truly unleash our people, our business and our impact on people and the planet.

But our diversity and inclusion values extend beyond our own people – from the consumers who enjoy our products, to the farmers who help grow our ingredients, to our colleagues in plants and offices around the world. Here are a few examples of how we do that:

  • In our cocoa supply chain: Gender equality is essential if cocoa communities are to thrive. That´s why advancing the rights of women is a key part of our $400 million Cocoa Life program. Through our Cocoa Life program, we’re promoting education, training and inclusion in community action plans to grow the next generation of cocoa communities. Increased involvement of women in the cocoa supply chain leads to more productive farms, improved financial management, better education for youth and more sustainable, thriving communities.
  • In our plants: At our Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate plant in Sri City, India, more than 50 percent of employees are women. That’s a substantial, uncommon achievement in India, exceeding our local gender equality goals. The facility also focus provides special training focusing on skills and culture sensitization to all colleagues in the plant.
  • In our offices: Globally, 35% of women are in management positions. And our board of directors exceeds the S&P 500 average of 19.9% with 23% of the positions being held by women.

But our efforts won’t stop there. To achieve our goals, we need to continue to attract, inspire and engage talented people from different backgrounds, to access their creativity and encourage them to challenge us to raise our game.

Leading in Women’s Empowerment

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