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At Mazda North American Operations, we aim to Enrich the Journey of all employees, customers, and partners through our vision to:

Create understanding and appreciation of everyone’s uniqueness so we can fully connect with one another and embrace each other’s differences.

Empower and inspire employees and partners to contribute to their full potential, ensuring all ideas and perspectives are valued.

Establish an open, inclusive, and collaborative culture where all employees, customers, and partners feel a sense of belonging and are treated fairly and equitably.


A core element of achieving an inclusive culture is the empowerment of employees to develop and participate in Employee Business Resource Groups (EBRGs). These employee-driven networks are supported by MNAO and provide employees who have shared interests or backgrounds opportunities to foster inclusion and support business initiatives. EBRGs also provide opportunities for professional development, connection, innovation, and the ability to positively impact their communities. MNAO currently sponsors 8 Employee Business Resource Groups:

  • African American Business Network
  • Interfaith Network – Christian Faith Chapter
  • Todos Unidos!
  • Women in Leadership
  • Asian American Pacific Islander
  • PRIDE at Mazda
  • VET+
  • Women of Color+


Mazda North American Operations (MNAO) is Virtual First, which means working remotely is the primary experience for most employees, with in-person gatherings for team collaboration. MNAO’s workplace options enhance work-life balance while providing access to tools and resources that foster results. In-person work opportunities are available as-needed through MNAO worksites across North America, which function as hubs for employee collaboration and more.

“There is a strong link between business culture and business results, and we believe our virtual-first workplace concept enables everyone to contribute from where they feel most productive.”  – Jeff Guyton, President and CEO

Virtual First enhances the employee experience with greater flexibility and career mobility while also expanding organizational agility.

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