Lincoln Property Company

We share a passion for shaping communities, developing engaging
workplaces, and building enduring relationships in every market we serve.


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Why Choose Lincoln?


We trust in our employees’ expertise in their field.

We give our employees the ability to do what they do best–without impediments, and armed with the tools they need to succeed.

Culture First

We hire individuals who are collaborative, team-oriented, and committed to personal and professional growth.

In hiring, we value cultural fit above all else. We seek out problem solvers and diverse thinkers, and those who are fun to be around, passionate about continuous learning, and committed to client service.

Growth Mindset

We are large enough to be a competitor, but small enough to maintain the human touch.

We value personal connections and offer advancement opportunities that enable each employee to proactively build a career they love.


We encourage an entrepreneurial mindset.

We empower our team members to think independently, marshal resources, make decisions, and deliver timely, tailored ideas and solutions.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Strengthening our team through diversity

We greatly value the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of every Lincoln professional and our partners and clients in the field.  We believe diverse experiences deepen our collective wisdom and empower our people to think creatively and view situations through a new lens.

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