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DLR Group is an integrated design firm and is 100% employee-owned with all stock held within an employee stock ownership plan, or an ESOP. Employee-ownership has been part of our corporate structure since 1978.
We foster a culture that incentivizes collaboration. Driven by opportunity, we make decisions that impact not only our success but also our clients and partners. All of which are rooted in our core values of commitment, sharing, fun, creativity, environmental stewardship, integrity, ownership, and teamwork.

Work Feature: Semillas y Raices

Visalia, California is home to many immigrant farmworkers who contribute to the backbone of U.S. agriculture. It is a desirable location where laborers can settle in with their families; however, the community lacks economic resources and is culturally, linguistically, and geographically isolated.

Translated to “Seeds and Roots,” Semillas y Raices welcomes farmworkers and their families into a vibrant neighborhood where they can build their foundation securely, independently, and sustainably for future generations. The result is a standard for future developments and a positive influence on the region through public art, public spaces, energy conservation, and native landscaping. Here’s more on this story: https://www.dlrgroup.com/idea/future-of-farming-communities/

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